New Amiga 1200 cases
After a very successful Kickstarter campaign by (Philippe Lang) and with the help of a number of sponsors such as Scoopex, it is for the first time in almost 25 years that Amiga cases are being manufactured again.
Sum firmware update
For the Sum devices is new firmware available. Changes in this version: Saving LED states for Capslock, Numlock and ScrollLock keys, improvements for key-repeat, RESET key-lock for CD32 and other minor enhancements.
DiagROM - Amiga
DiagROM is a diagnostic tool for the Amiga computers. When you power-on your Amiga the diagnostic software will star. The diagnose software will try to send information to the serial port and the screen.
Amiga Future #98
Edition 98 of Amiga Future is now online available. In this edition: Zeus, Sqrxz, Worms DC: Kirby Conversion Set, Abbo, Dust Digger, Software Manager, AROS Vision, MorphOS 3.1, Scriba, X-bEnCh, OS4 Depot, Homebank, Paint, Hollywood Designer 4, Sketchblock, XAMOS, glUAE, Data management in AmigaDOS (2), Mercurial (1), C-Workshop (15), Classic Reflections (5), Caanoo (1), Magnetic Fields and Sharrukin.
The story of the Commodore Amiga in pixels
Chris Wilkins started a new Kickstarter Project for a new book about the Amiga. The book is planned to be 268 pages in length. A few examples of people in the book: Archer Maclean, David Lowe, Boys Without Brains, Jez San, Stoo cambridge, Mevlut Dinc, Andy Nuttal, Allister Brimble, Anthony Ball, David Mowbray, Dino Dini, Martin Edmodson, Steve Crow, Peter Johnson, Simon Butler, Tim Wright, Mark Hellewell, Francis Lionet, Ash Hogg, Andrew Hewson, Jim Sachs, Roman Rath, Barry Leitch and more...
AmiModRadio is a system that makes it possible to play all 20,000+ mods on Aminet. AmiModRadio is composed essentially of four parts: A small FTP client (download), a XAD client (unarchive), a ARexx program and a MUI interface to control the various parts of AmiModRadio. In this version a new ratings system is added.
TAWS v0.26
TAWS (The Amiga Workbench Simulation) is a JavaScript simulation of the Amiga-Workbench 1.x - 3.x for IE, Firefox, Opera and WebKit-Browsers. With TAWS you can work with the Amiga Workbench inside your favourite web browser. Changes in this version: Simulation of an AmigaShell, a drawer with the following System-Tools: Shell, DiskCopy, Format, FastMemFirst, SetMap, InitPrinter, NoFastMem, MergeMem and FixFonts. is a new web page for the Amiga fans. The web page can be used as a starter page for your browser. The web page has a search engine and a the 100 best links to Amiga related web pages.
GoatTracker - MorphOS
A new version of GoatTracker for MorphOS is now available. Changes in this version: ReadMe2Guide tool update, configuration path, version tag, icons and improvements for the manual.
Snes9x - AmigaOS 4.1
Snes9x is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator. The AmigaOS 4.1 version of Snes9x is made by HunoPPC and the Amiga French Team. The emulator support dozens of ROMs. Recent changes: Improvements for the GUI, the sound, German and French language and new icons.
You can listen to new remixes on the AmigaRemix web page. The following Amiga music is added to the web page: Lotus III Intro, Lemmings 1, Vivamin-E, 3D Demo (1 & 2), Super Stardust, Alien Breed, Hero Quest - Gloom, D-Mob Music Disc 3, Over The Net, WorldCup 90, Hero Quest, Turrican 2, Wrath Of The Demon, Turrican, Lupo Alberto, Enigma, Ultima VI, Fantasy World Dizzy, Risky Woods and Lotus 3.
Blocky Skies - Amiga
Blocky Skies is a new game for the Amiga. The game requires a PAL 68k Amiga with 512 kByte chip ram. The test version includes game tutorial and a single playable level. The game is available as a diskette file or as a hard disk install.
WHDLoad offers a way to play Amiga diskette games from your hard disk. New: Acid in the House (North Star & The Silents), Megademo (Manowar), Megademo (Cult), Music Disk (Dreamscape), Music Disk 2 (Darkness), Harmagedon (Infect), 2D (Remedy) and Megademo 2 (Vortex 42). Improved: Final Fight (Capcom), Cabaret Asteroids (Vertical), Rainbow Islands (Ocean), North & South (Infogrames), Rainbow Islands (Ocean), Future Wars / Les Voyageurs Du Temps (Delphine Software), Red Heat (Ocean) and Future Wars / Les Voyageurs Du Temps (Delphine Software).
AmiArcadia - V24.33
AmiArcadia is a emulator of early game consoles like the PHUNSY, Elektor TV Games Computer, Interton VC 4000, Emerson Arcadia 2001, Central Data 2650 and others. Ami Arcadia is available for the 68k Amiga, Amiga OS4, MorphOS and Windows. Recent changes are: BINBUG (Sprite/UDC) command, improved palette editor (WinArcadia) and other small improvements.
WinUAE 3.3.0
A new version of WinUAE is now available. Changes in this version: Monochrome video out, improvements for PC Bridgeboard disk drive, dark palette, CSPPC/BPPC flash updater, variable refresh rate optimized vsync mode (G-Sync/FreeSync), black frame injection and IVS Trumpcard Pro/GrandSlam SCSI emulation.
Boingsworld #76
A new episode of BoingsWorld (German language) is now available. You can listen to the following articles: Amiga trademark, Amiga Racer, RapaGUI - Hollywood, From Bedrooms to Billions, AmigaOS Enhancer, Geit@Home 2/2016, Matze's Graka, Picasso96, Mink Gold, Reshoot, Extrial, Oubliette, Sibwing AGA, Tanks Furry and MIGs Yesterchips.
The Games-Coffer
On the "Games Coffer" web page you can find games, demos, animations, slideshows, diskette magazines, history, FAQ, emulators, reviews and advert Scans. The new additions for this month are: Dinowarp, Junior Maths, Math Drill, Pictures and Letters, Tome Of Myths, Claudes Runner, Operation Desert Storm, All Over The World, Psycho Squares Deluxe, War In The New Era, Calculus Combat, Educational Proggys, Holiday Pics, Kids Disk 1, Project Apollo, Aquanaut, Giddy II, Operation Firestorm, Jellyquest, Necessary Roughness, Pioneers, Splash, Spod Blaster, Bouncy, British Manager, Casino, Conflict Federation II, Federation, Gordon & The Floaters, Numerix, Rage V2.0, Reels, Scorched Tanks V1.90 and The X Mass Project.
The web page Amigos added new articles this month: Dr. Doom's Revenge, David Pleasance, HUDson Baulk, Thomas the Tank Engine, Friends Pinball, Speedball 2, Sensible World of Soccer, Amigaflakes, Superman: The Man of Steel, Wrath of the Beast, Castle of Dr. Brain, The Last Ninja Remix, Sean Courtney, One on One and Will Willams.
AMIcast #012
AMIcast is an English podcast about the world of Amiga. In this episode: An interview with Jim Collas from Gateway.
Gotek HxC - A600
Mfilos wrote a blog about installing a Gotek HxC in his Amiga A600. You can follow step by step how to install it. The modification includes a normal floppy disk drive together with the Gotek HxC.
AmiKit MK2 - Andriod 4.2+
AmiKit released AmiKit MK2 v8.5.1 for Andriod. This Andriod version is developed by Lyubomyr Lisen and is based on uae4arm by TomB. Changes in this version: Improvements for speed, JIT & touchscreen support.
Flashtro Amiga
On the web page you can see many cracker intro’s with your browser. The original intros from the Amiga, Atari-ST, Dreamcast, PC, Playstation etc. are converted to Flash. The most recent flashtro’s are: Gods - Roulette, Accession - Frontier, Skid Row - Hoi, Scoopex - Sibwing, Black Monks - Lames and Napoli, Darkage - Future Composer 1.4, Crystal - Zool 2, Crystal - Soccer Kid, Asux - ASUS Memry Mapper, Australian Crackers United - New Stuff, Horizon - Mark II Sound System, Horizon - Ghosts and Goblins, The Supply Team & The Tartan Army - Blood Money, Defjam - Knobelix, Alcatraz - Combo Racer, Fairlight - Shadow Dancer, Decay - Saint Dragon, Kingdom - Naughty Ones, Legend - Torvak the Warrior and Quoram - New Stuff.
Odyssey - AmigaOS 4.1
Odyssey Web Browser is a WebKit-based browser originally based on OWB from Sand-Labs/Pleyo. Since then, it has been extensively developed to become a full-blown desktop browser with modern functionality. Version 1.23 r4 is now available for AmigaOS4.
EvenMore v0.90 - Amiga
EvenMore is an text viewer for AmigaOS. The features are proportional font support, multi-coloured text, file conversion plugins, and more. Recent changes: Improvements for colour rows code that was stopping it from working on MUI4.
Amiga Future #120
A new edition of the English and German Amiga magazine Amiga Future has been released. In this edition: Editorial, News, Karateka, Sleeping Gods lie, Tanks of Furry, Amiga Future News Docky, Tasko, OS4 Depot, Google Drive Handler, Icaros Desktop 2.1, Netsurf, Hollywood 6.1., Soapbox, Sanctuary, Zerosphere, AROS - RaspberryPi: AEROS (2), ICD, Demo (9), Bert Jahn, Norbert Kett and Revision 2016.
Turrican II - Level editor
Dennis Meuwissen developed a level editor for the CDTV version of Turrican II. The program supports editing of the tile maps of all levels, as well as their entities and starting locations.

Demonstration of a new level for Turrican II on YouTube.
Vampire600 / Apollo - Silver5
The Vampire600 turbo card uses the Apollo FPGA-core to emulate the 68000 CPU and the SAGA graphics chip. The changes for Apollo are: Support for big partitions (>4Gb) on internal IDE and improvements for SFS, HDToolBox, SD-card, screen resolutions and VBRControl.
Matzes Graphics Adapter
This graphics adapter is compatible with a Zorro II slot (A2000 - A4000), and with an adapter also the A500. Specifications: Integrated monitor switcher (Amiga / VGA). Cirrus GD5434, 2 MB Blitter, 24 bits 800x600 (65Hz), 16 bits 1024x768 (75Hz) and 8 bits 1280x1024 (60Hz).
Retro Asylum Bytesize 6
Retro Asylum Podcast is an English podcast for the retro computer fans. In this episode: Matt Lambourne and Mads Kristensen talk about their favourite failed systems. Namely the 3DO and the Amiga CD32! Games discussed include Canon Fodder, Space Hulk, Angels, Return Fire, Bubble & Squeak, Twisted: The Game Show and Banshee.
Amiga Future #97
Edition 97 of Amiga Future is now online. In this edition: USB-Joystick Adapter, Zelda - Mystery of Solarus DX, Atari ST conversions, Gravity Beam, Downfall, TetriCrisis 4, Letters Fall 3, Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis, Saga, AmiCygnix, iBatch, WinUAE, FS-UAE, Amiga Forever, C64 Forever, WiiUAE, Janus-UAE, MorphOS 3.0. Data management in AmigaDOS (1), Virtual Screens on Amiga, C-Workshop (14), A-EON News, Classic Reflections (5), ASDG Inc, Computer Meeting Braunschweig, Commodore Meeting Wien, News and Up2Date.
Happiga is a emulation system that can be used on a very small computer such as a Raspberry Pi. It uses the UAE4ARM emulator to emulate an Amiga 4000 AGA including Picasso96. You can use a real keyboard and joystick via the Keyrah V2.
Calimero v3.0 - MorphOS
Calimero is a powerful DTP program for MorphOS. The program can import and export many different formats. The program supports multi page, columns, header, footer, separators, hyperlinks, text-warp, table of contents, background texture and much more. Changes in this version: Texture mask, alpha-channel in pictures, gif animation, import of picture directories and a few errors were removed.
AMIcast is an English podcast about the world of Amiga. In this episode: An interview with Toni Wilen from WinUAE.
The web page Amigos added new articles last month: What's up doc?, Speedball II, Turrican II joystick, Civilization, Blitz Basic 2 Compo, Andy Davidson, Karateka, Amiga games - eBay, Gods, Rainbow Islands, Deluxe Paint, Will Williams and Fukio Mitsuji.
Boingsworld #75
A new episode of BoingsWorld (German language) is now available. You can listen to the following articles: Dr. Peter Kittel, Amiga Case Crowdfunding, Giana Sisters Special Edition, SMBFS, The Amiga Years, FPGA - A500, MNT VA2000 - A2000 and RapidRoad.
The Games-Coffer
On the "Games Coffer" web page you can find games, demos, animations, slideshows, diskette magazines, history, FAQ, emulators, reviews and advert Scans. The new additions for this month are: ASI Disk Helper 2, ASI Disk Helper 3, ASI Disk Helper 4, ASI Disk Helper 5, Hyper, Iconmania, Interferon Pro, Metallion Utilities, Mobed, System Checkers, Henry & 5 Towers, Inirox, Mega Boulderdash, Oubliette, Wrath of Gwendor 97 SE, Bongo, Earth Orbit, Flying Zambini Bros, Knighty Norman, Knighty Norman 2, Sculpt Animations, Twingo, Walker Demo, Walker Demo 2, Amiganitzu, Haunted Mine 5, PD Two, Time Bombs, Xenopew, Yoghurt Boy & Defence, Zeus, Am-Tank, Dungeon of Nadroj, Fantasy Project, The, Marietto, Playball, Amicash, Brit Stick Utilities 7, GFX Disk 1, Journal, Music Construction Kit, Slick Utilities Vol 1, Tools Of The Trade, Ultimate Diskmaker, Jet Set Willy 3, Kalaha, Lord Of Hosts, Sir Losealot, Space Pack, Timultus, Opti-Utils 1, Pauls Freeware, Studio Rippers, Utility Mix 1 and Vector Designer.
Digital images - Amiga
Brian Benchoff wrote a blog about the Amiga. He writes about the Video Toaster, hand-held scanner, digital video cameras, hardware and software that turns an Amiga 2000 into a nonlinear video editing suite.
Epsilon's CDTV upgrades
Epsilon wrote a blog about upgrading the Commodore CDTV. This included adding Joystick and mouse support, 8MB Fast-RAM, Workbench 3.1 extended CDTV ROMS, SCSI hard disk support and the AztecMonster SCSI to CF Card converter.
PortablE - r6 beta
Christopher Handley released a new version of PortablE. PortablE is a recreation of the AmigaE programming language with many improvements. The program is available for Amiga OS3, OS4, AROS, MorphOS and Windows. Recent changes: Improved MUI & ReAction modules, NoListOptim and AISS menus.
Viva Amiga - The Retro Hour
The web page The Retro Hour made a podcast about the upcoming movie Viva Amiga. In this episode: Zach Weddington, The 64, New Amiga case, Using a 5 year old computer sad?, Britian's first mass produced machine at Bletchley Park, Jozsef's recapping service, Ravi's retrobrite video, N64 anthology book Kickstarter and Pranksters go dumpster diving and sell games back to Gamestop.
MNT VA2000 - Amiga 2000 Graphics Card (Zorro II)
Lukas F. Hartmann is developing a graphics card for the Amiga 2000. He build an adaptor card that fits into a Zorro II slot and connects to a miniSpartan6+ FPGA development board. The project is open source and you can build the graphics card yourself or order one from Lukas.
Bonanza Bros - Amiga
The platform game Bonanza Bros for the Amiga can now be downloaded from the Amiga Future web page. The game has been developed in 1991 by Andy Severn (code), Martin Severn (graphics) and Mark Wilson (music).
Netsurf 3.5 - AmigaOS 4
A new version of the web browser NetSurf is now available. Changes in this version: Improved URL parsing and better documentation for font APIs. And a couple of small errors were fixed.
Amiga Future #94
Edition 94 of Amiga Future is now online. In this edition: Reviews: KryoFlux, AmigaOne 500, AmigaOS 4.1 Update 4, Swamp Defense, Jack, GuideMaker, RiVA, FlipClock, Scribble, Tiny Launcher, Tracker Hero, Diver 50. Workshop: C-Workshop (11), AmigaOS 4.1 Workbench (6). Special: AROS, Classic Reflection 2, The right Amiga for everyone (4). Others: Interview Simon Archer, Editorial, News Up2Date and letters to the Editor.
Frodo v2.4 - Amiga
Frodo is a C64 emulator for the Amiga with a 68020 CPU or better. Changes in this version are: Added C64 Basic and kernal ROMs, improvements for the FreeScreenBuffer(), idle state, sprites, 1541, CIA and raster IRQs. Support for the Graffiti video card and other small improvements.
GemDropX - AROS
GemDropX is a game for AROS and based on the Atari 8-bit game "Gem Drop". In this game you must prevent that the screen fills up with gems. You can grab gems or throw them back.
Commodore Amiga 500 CD-ROM (A570)
Dan Wood from made a video about the Commodore Amiga 500 CD-ROM (A570). The A570 (originally A690) was an external CD-ROM drive released for the Commodore Amiga 500 in 1992, after many delays it was released after the A500 was discontinued.
Vampire600 / Apollo - SILVER3
The Vampire600 turbo card uses the Apollo FPGA-core to emulate the 68000 CPU and the SAGA graphics chip. The changes for Apollo are: Improvements for the reset, BFTST, Super-Scalar and SAGA video out (24Bit, 32Bit, YUV422).
WHDLoad offers a way to play Amiga diskette games from your hard disk. New: The Codertrash, Burning and Megademo. Improved: Quest For Glory / Hero's Quest, Marble Madness, Leisure Suit Larry 2, Groovy Jives 3, Alfred - The Music Disk, Peace in the Gulf, Music Party 1990, Musicland 1 & 2, The Dogs Cogs, Crystal Symphonies 1 & 2 and Hymn 633.
Odyssey Web Browser 1.25 - AROS
Fabien Coeurjoly released a new version of the Odyssey Web Browser for MorphOS. The changes are: WebKit r187682, HTML5 video, Bookmarks and cookies management, ffmpeg 2.6.2. and many other improvements.