TFW8b Value - VIC20 MAX RAM Cartridge
Tynemouth Software has developed a new RAM cartridge for the Commodore VIC20. The configuration is possible via a menu with 3, 8, 16, 24, 27, 32 or 35 KByte of RAM.
Retr-O-Mat - Amiga 2500
Retr-O-Mat made a video about a Amiga 2500 with many additions, and one of them is a Vampire turbo-card.
Dan Wood - Amiga CD32 & Terrible Fire 328
Dan Wood talks about the Terrible Fire 328 expansion for the Commodore Amiga CD32 console which adds extra RAM and an IDE interface.
KC64WIFI is a C64 user-port modem up to 9600 baud based on a NodeMCU module with custom code to support Hayes commands. The KC64WIFI also has a reset switch for the modem and the C64.
VectrexRoli - C128D
VectrexRoli made a video about the Commodore C128D. He show his modifications and how to connect the 1541 Ultimate II.
Bwack - C64 Power-supply
Bwack made a video about building an power-supply for the Commodore C64. This power-supply also has a digital readout for the voltage and the current.
That 3D Print Guy - C64 Joystick
That 3D Print Guy made a video about the joystick he is building for the Commodore C64. The plans will be available soon.
Daniel Renner - SD2IEC remote display
Daniel Renner made a video about a SD2IEC device with a remote display modification.
C256 Foenix
Stefany Allaire is working on a successor for the Commodore C64/128. The specifications are: CPU: 65C816 @ 14Mhz, 512 KBytes (code), 1 MByte (video), 640 x 480 / 256 colours, DVI, Sprites, Blitter, Sound (6581 / YM3812), Midi, Joystick, RS-232, Serial, 3.5" Disk drive, Cartridge and PS2 mouse & keyboard.
Bwack - C64 Saver
Bwack made a video about developing the Commodore C64 Saver as an open source project.
Obscura is an Arduino compatible 8-bit synthesizer that allows you to create NES, C64 and Amiga-style chiptune music by simply connecting a MIDI device.
HxC floppy emulator - v2.1.11.1
For the HxC floppy emulator is new firmware available. The HxC floppy emulator is a replacement of a 3.5 inch disk-drive in for example an Amiga or a Atari ST. Recent changes in the firmware: Improvements for H8D Heathkit, Kryoflux Stream Loader & Stream analyzer, NSI Northstar, Flux Stream and ADF Writer.
Tynemouth Software - PET replacement keyboards
Tynemouth Software has developed a replacement keyboard for the Commodore PET computers. The replacement keyboards are available for the "graphics" keyboard and the "chicklet" keyboard.
Iz8dwf - PET RAM/ROM board
Iz8dwf made a video of the development of his Commodore PET RAM/ROM replacement board. The specifications are: 2 x ROM (24Kbytes) and 2 x 4K ($F000 - $FFFF).
Jan Derogee - Linear clock
After developing hardware for the Commodore computers (1541-III, Cassiopei and the Cassiopei II) he decided to develop a linear clock.
Steve White developed a replacement for the Commodore 1541 disk-drive. The Pi1541 emulates the 6502 and the two 6522s. The components used are: The Raspberry Pi 3, a I2C Bi-Directional Logic Level Converter and a Micro SD card.
AmigaLove - C64 to Raspberry Pi 3
Mattsoft replaced the motherboard of a Commodore C64 with an Raspberry Pi 3. The parts he used are: Raspberry Pi 3B, Micro SD card, Keyrah v2, power supply and USB & HDMI connectors.
Jan Beta - Tapuino Reloaded
Jan Beta has made a video about the Tapuino Reloaded. This Datassette replacement is developed by Edu Arana and can be used with the C64, C16, and the VIC-20.
Brian Bagnall - Commodore: The Final Years
Brian Bagnall started a Kickstarter campaign for his third book about the history of Commodore. In this book the story of the Commodore computer company and the employees who created some of the most iconic computers of the 80s and 90s.
Wicher Installer - software update
There is new software available for the Wicher. The Wicher turbo card has been designed for installation inside Amiga the A500 / A500+ computer. Changes in this version: Support for larger SD cards (> 4 GByte).
Tynemouth Software - VIC-20 diagnostic system
Tynemouth Software has developed a diagnose system to test a Commodore VIC-20. You can choose between a standard diagnostic cartridge or a combination of a diagnostic cartridge and a 27K or 32K ROM/RAM board.
C128 RM
TheDuckSun is working on a C128 that fits into a C64 case. The proto type has the following features: VIC/VDC switch, 8 bit colour RAM, 6-36 VDC, Dual-SID, etc. You can follow the progress on Forum64.

Official web page for the C128 RM.
Amiga X
Thomas Mayer Foss and Hans Henry Jegtvolden are working on a new Amiga. The concept is an Amiga 1200 style keyboard, a power supply with all the hardware inside and a modern Amiga tank mouse.
Daniel Renner - C64 modulator replacement
Daniel Renner made a video about a replacement for the Commodore C64 modulator. This replacement modulator is a kit and is developed on Forum64.
Retro Tech & Electronics - ACA500+
Retro Tech & Electronics made a video about the ACA500+ for the Amiga 500 with Kickstart 3.1 and Workbench 3.1.
Kompjut0r - SID 8580, ArmSID, SwinSID Ultimate & SwinSID Nano
StrayBoom wrote an article about the SID 8580, ArmSID, SwinSID Ultimate and the SwinSID Nano.
GCart - VIC20
Thomas Lövskog is working on the GCart cartridge for the Commodore VIC20. The features are: 16 GB RAM, MCU, LEDs, buttons, µSD and WiFi.
MtnBuffalo is working on a replacement keyboard for the Commodore C64, Ulimate64 and the C64 Reloaded. The new keyboard uses Cherry mx red micro switches with an adapter for the original keys.
Vampire / Apollo - Gold 2.9
The Vampire turbo card uses the Apollo FPGA-core to emulate the 68000 CPU and the SAGA graphics chip. The changes for Apollo are: Improvements for fast Power-Off/On and FPU speed (Amiga). Support for Map-ROM & Memory management and EmuTOS (Atari).
Amiga 4000 motherboard
Paul Rezendes started a project to create files for producing an Amiga 4000 motherboard. This work will be accomplished by Integrated Sensor Technologies (Goleta, California). The complete files will be released publicly.
New Amiga 500 cases
After a very successful Kickstarter campaign for the A1200 cases, Philippe Lang now started a new Indiegogo campaign for A500 / A500+ cases.
Freak, Brotboxfan and androSID developed a new PLA that combines up to 9 different 28 pin PLA's from Commodore machines in one: C64, SX64, 1551, CBM 6x0, CBM 7x0, C16 / plus4, CBM 8296 UE5 / UE6 and P500 U78 / U88.
Frank Bösing is working on a Commodore C64 emulator with the Teensy 3.6. The Features are: IEC Bus, ILI9341 SPI display, USB keyboard, reSID, Audio, a simple disk drive emulation and joystick support. The latest changes are: Added a VGA output.
Raspberry Pi Zero - C64
Marco Chiappetta wrote a blog about building a Commodore C64 with the Raspberry Pi Zero. The hardware you need is a Raspberry Pi Zero, a MicroSD card and an USB keyboard. The software you will need is Combian 64.
Amiga 500 Raspberry Pi
Mattsoft wrote a blog on how to build a Rasberry Pi 3 into an Amiga 500 case without destroying the original case. The hardware used for this project: Raspberry Pi 3B, 16GB Micro SD card, Tynemouth Software Amiga 500 USB keyboard adapter, HDMI cable, USB cable and 3D printed brackets.
A500 Power supply
Inkoo Vintage Computing has built a replacement power supply for his Amiga 500. He uses an modern PC power supply with an extra DC-DC converter.
Daniel Renner - Jellinghaus Midi Adapter
Daniel Renner made a video about the Jellinghaus Midi Adapter. He also uses a Cynthcart image in the Superkernal.
Daniel Renner - C64 modifications
Daniel Renner made a number of modifications to his Commodore C64. The modifications are: Modulator Mod, Keyman64, Overlay64, Mixsid, Superkernal, SD2IEC and a Re-Cap.
RetroManCave - Apple Mac vs Amiga
RetroManCave made a video about which Apple Mac is faster the Apple Mac or the Amiga.
Amiga 500 - Chip RAM expansion
Inkoo Vintage Computing has upgraded his Amiga 500. He installed a Chip RAM expansion without making any changes to the motherboard.
Amibian v1.14.0004
Amibian is an Raspberry Pi3 image with the Uae4arm emulator. Amibian transforms your Raspberry Pi3 into an Amiga. Features: Easy install, Midnight Commander for file managing, USB and Ethernet support.
Daniel Renner - C64 reloaded mk2 & Mssiah Midi Sync
Daniel Renner made a video about the C64 reloaded mk2 & Mssiah Midi Sync.
Nunchuk64 - C64
You can watch a video about the Nunchuk64. This is an adapter for the C64 that makes it possible to use Nintendo Nunchuk compatible controller. It is still under development but it will be available soon.

PET De Lux - The Commodore PET tribute
Love Hultén made a tribute to the Commodore PET 2001. The PET De Lux is handmade from American walnut. But it has a modern computer inside, emulating video game systems such as Commodore 64, NES and many more.

A video of the PET De Lux.
Vampire / Apollo - Gold2.7
The Vampire turbo card uses the Apollo FPGA-core to emulate the 68000 CPU and the SAGA graphics chip. The changes for Apollo are: Fast Hardware FPU, AMMX2, Memory controller and Workbench Hardware Sprites.
Christian Simpson - Commodore Music Maker
Christian Simpson made a video about the Commodore Music Maker. In the video he adds two control knobs and paints it a new colour.
Paul Gardner-Stephen is working on a FPGA version of the Commodore C65. His goal is to make an 8-bit computer for the 21st century. Most recent updates: Extending the Commodore 64 BASIC and new documentation on the MEGA65's enhanced text mode.
You can watch a video about the Check64 test cartridge. This set is available as an assembly kit at Forum64 and can be used to check the motherboard of a Commodore C64.
6502 Homebrew Computer
Dolo is developing a 6502 computer. The specifications are: 65c02 @ 2.68Mhz, 44KB SRAM, 16KB EEPROM, Video: TMS9918, 16KB SRAM, 6522, SD Card, 6551, Sound: AY-3-8910 and a joystick interface.