Joyswap - C64
Jeroen developed a new device for the Commodore C64. With this device it is possible to swap the joystick ports of the C64. The Joyswap is build inside the C64c and swaps the joystick ports when you hold down the Restore key for 3 seconds. It is also possible to use the device as a Kernal switcher.
C64unit can be used to test your code within any cross-assembler of your choice. Features: Macros, free zero-page, data sets, mock methods, etc. C64unit supports 64tass, DASM, Kick Assembler, ACME, ca65 and xa65.
RetroCengo - Amiga 500 FastRam expansions
RetroCengo made a video about an Amiga 500 FastRam expansion with a Gary adaptor and 2.5 MB FastRam.
Tenno - C64
Tenno is a new game developed by Matthias Auer and Florian Auer. The game is a strategy game and is an improved version of the game Kaiser. The game also has a multi-player mode for 6 people.
DLH's Commodore Archive
DLH's Commodore Archive is a web page for Commodore documentation. You can find magazines, books and manuals. The latest additions are: Family Roots Instruction and Reference Manual V1.7, The Worlds Greatest Football Game Playbook, Amiga User International, Captain Power, Recreation 6 Pack (VT-106), An Introduction to BASIC Part 1, Cockroach Turbo-ROM, Know Your Own IQ, Blackbird, SpeedCalc, Syntech Studio I, Pascal-64, Action Replay Enhancement Disk V4, Maverick, Renegade, Fast Hack'em 3.2A Datel and The Lucky Report.
Paul Gardner-Stephen is working on a FPGA version of the Commodore C65. His goal is to make an 8-bit computer for the 21st century. Most recent updates: A keyboard prototype.
Z64K is a pixel exact emulation of the Commodore 128, Commodore 64, VIC 20 and Atari 2600 written entirely in Java. The emulators should run on any platform with an updated Java Runtime environment. Recent changes: Improvements for the VICIIe, C128 CPU, VDC, light pen, cassette motor, C128 MMU, SID 6581 and 8580.
The web page has had an update with many new items: C64Studio v5.8, D71 - D81 Writer, Print PETSCII, SIDTitle Big-Char Editor v2.1, SIDTitle Editor v7.1, SIDTitle Editor v5.0, Extended Words Creator v2.0, Turbo Term II, C64 Power Pack, Keypunch Write & File Pak, Ledger 64 and LD Quick Notes v1.0.
XXV - C64
XXV is a new game for the Commodore C64 developed by Viza (code & graphics) and NecroPolo (music). The game reached the fourth place in the Mixed Game Competition at Function 2018.
Hall of Light
An update for the Hall of Light web page: Alien Breed: Tower Assault, Cougar Force, Marcus Dyson, Martin Brown, Steve Tibbett, Sir Ababol, Birra, Tom, Goblins, Robot Readers: The Three Bears, 10 Out Of 10 English, Junior Typist, King's Quest V: Absence Makes The Heart Go Yonder, Catch 'Em, Moonbase: Lunar Colony Simulator, Bush Buck: A Global Treasure Hunt, Midwinter, Realms, Blinky's Scary School, Dale Brown, etc.
Luigi Di Fraia has added more functionality to his IECHost device. With this device you can connect a Commodore IEC disk drive via USB to a PC. This time he added 40-tracks support.
Commoflage - English Edition 07
A new episode of Commoflage is now available. This podcast is in the English language and you can hear lots of SID music.
Scene World Podcast #52
Scene World Podcast is a podcast about the Commodore scene. In this episode: Kim Justice, The Settlers 2019, Checkmate A1500, C64 Mini, MEGA65, FPGASID Project, Quantumlink Reloaded, NeoHabitat, PLATO, Keypunch, Laird's Lair, Aquanox: Deep Descent and No Man's Sky.
MorphOS Storage
An update for the MorphOS Storage web page: EasyRPG_Player.lha, Saga_1.91.lha, Pcd_mcc_1.0.lha, SacrificioPagano_1.40.lha, Africa_1.5.lha, myCatalog_3.2.lha, Vim_8.1.lha, THE_3.2b1.lha, NoWinED_0.83.lha, FileX_2.4.lha, Annotate_3.0.1.lha, VAMP_1.85.lha, Acuario_2018.lha, SetFileSize64_1.0.lha, AminetReadmeMaker_1.3.lha, DisplayInfo_1.0.lha, WHDLOpener_1.0.lha, E-UAE_1.0.0-JIT_Korni_version.lha, AmiArcadia_24.81.lha and MCE_10.6.lha.
C64Studio v5.8
C64 Studio is an assembly development environment which is dependent on VICE. You can write assembly code and test this with the VICE emulator. Recent changes: Improvements for Reload, Charpad, tabs, line address display, !addr, XOR, BASIC editor, MRU, sprite editor, Copy/Paste, Find/Replace, GMOD2 and macros.
The Retrogaming Times #16
The retrogaming Times is een retro computer magazine (Engelse taal) voor alle retro computer fans. In deze editie: Prepare to Qualify, Upcoming Events, More C64! - The Legend of Atlantis, Organism, Apple II Incider, Nintendo Switch Outsider, Sly Spy, The Magical Reunion, One Man's , Pac-Games - Atari 5200, California Extreme 2018, A Pirate's Life For Me (CoolBoy 198 in 1), The Controller Chronicles - Sega Master System, Weekly Retrogaming Trivia Recap and See You Next Game.
C256 Foenix
Stefany Allaire is working on a successor for the Commodore C64/128. Recent changes: The video output (VGA/DVI) is now working.
Amiga Users Ireland podcast
Amiga Users Ireland makes podcasts for Commodore and Amiga users. In this episode: PPC - Mediator, AmiKit - Mac, ReAmiga 1200, Amiga Future Archive 4 DVD, Amiga Demo Cross - Development, Banjo Guy Ollie - Lemmings, Stephen Jones - Checkmate 1500+, David Pleasance, A-Mag, RocketSmash, PoNG4, Portal C64, AGA-A3000 and Fusion games magazine.
GoatTracker V2.74
A new version of GoatTracker is now available. Changes in this version: Improvements for track length with swapping & merge-load and added a dotted pattern to the display modes.

GoatTracker V2.75 Stereo
reMETA #1
ReMETA is a diskette magazine for the Commodore C64. In this episode the AROK 2018 Party. The magazine is made by d'Avid, Visage, DOS and Grass.
Digital Talk #103
In this German language d64 magazine the following articles: Computer Szene, News, CTG, KuNo Party, Crank Crank Revolution, Jake the Snake v5.0, Digger, Arhena the Amazon, Diced-64 Hyperzap 2018, Jadeworld, Bintris, Trolley Follies, Vector Runner, Dodge, Traky, Spikes, Sky Diving, Rogue Ninja, Schlimeisch Mania II, The Walking Death, Moon over Afghanistan, Missile Blasta, Algol, Dreamworld, CETI, Panzer Patty's Pink Tank Adventures, Battle in the Woods, Foodball, Craptastic 2018, Jump Man Basic, Boray Gamon, Thinker, Knight Fight, Bad Tiling, Stick Breaker, Sydney Hunter, Rocket Smash EX, Gravitrix, Moonspire, Platmans World, Organism, Rocky Memphis, Tiger Claw, Eye of the Gods, Caren and the T. Tentacles and the charts.
Retrohax - VIC20
This time a small refurbish for two Commodore VIC20 computers. And the VIC20's will get a SD2IEC.
Paranoids - C64
Paranoids is a new game for the Commodore C64. The game is made by Laddh & Rulas International (code), Baron Ashler & Magnar Harestad (music), Almighty God & Rulas International (graphics) and Bieno64 (test).
VIC-20 Full Motion Video
Is it possible to have Full Motion Video on a VIC-20. Well... with the proper hardware and some highly optimized code... YES!
Amiga Future #134
A new edition of the English and German Amiga magazine Amiga Future has been released. In this edition: Editorial, News, Playfield, AGA - Amiga 600, The Puzzle Gallery - At The Carnival, Bomb Jack Beer Edition, Worthy, Alco-Copter, Pac Mania, Manhatten Dealers, Teresa, WinUAE 4.0.1, Aminet, MorphOS Camp, A3640 2017 Edition, A1500, Trevors Soapbox, Amiga Magazin, Historischer Stadt-Bahn-Simulator, DSGVO, Demoszene, Frontier Elite II Paper-Model. Ignition (2), FreePascal (5) and Blitz Basic (13).
Bwack - C64 Saver Add-On
Bwack made another video about developing the Commodore C64 Saver as an open source project. He now developed an Add-On board to the C64 Saver.
Jan Beta - C128 (5)
Part 5 of the repair of a Commodore C128 by Jan Beta.
Retro Ravi - 8-Bit Podcast
Retro Ravi makes a monthly 8-bit mix podcast. In this episode: Hip Hop.
Alien Invasion - VIC20
DarwinNE released a new game for the Commodore VIC20. The game Alien Invasion is an Arcade game and can be played on an unexpanded VIC20, PAL or NTSC.
RetroCengo - Ocean disk drive repair
RetroCengo made a video about the repair of an Ocean disk drive.
Retrogame Talkshow
Bob Engstrand and Jari Karjalainen talk about the world of retro games, 8-bit music and much more: In this episode: The Last Ninja trilogy.
RetroManCave - Amiga Mini DJ Set
RetroManCave made a video about an Amiga Mini DJ Set.
Tomcat +4 World Special Edition 2010
The game Tomcat is an improved version for the Commodore Plus/4. The improvements are: 2 additional levels, a title graphics and music by Luca/FIRE.
AMIGArama is a weekly podcast about the classic line of Commodore Amiga computers. Covering games, utilities and all sorts of extras. The recent episodes are: Rainbow Islands, Alien Breed and Sensible World of Soccer.
CommVex 2018
The CommVex 2018 meeting was held on August 11th in Las Vegas USA. You can now watch the photos and videos from this Commodore meeting.
The Games-Coffer
On the "Games Coffer" web page you can find games, demos, animations, slideshows, diskette magazines, history, FAQ, emulators, reviews and advert Scans. The new additions for this month are: Dinowalker, Lost In Space, Marcos Box-O-Fun, Millennium Anim, Unicycle, Amigafox V1.0, Magnetic Pages V1.0, Rippers Guide, The, Time Utilities and Zodiac Compacter.
Iz8dwf - 1571 repair
Iz8dwf made a video of the repair of Commodore 1571 disk drive. This time the problem was a defective 6502 CPU.
Sets - AROS
Sets is a new game for AROS developed by David Ashley. The game is puzzle game where you need to organise sets of cards.
Retro Commodore
The web page has many high quality scans available for the Commodore user. The latest additions are: Koala Paint, LightPen and Tablet manuals.
WHDLoad offers a way to play Amiga diskette games from your hard disk. Update: Maniac Mansion (Lucasfilm Games), Dance Diverse Vol.1 (Majic 12), Captain Fizz (Psygnosis), Atomix (Thalion), Fright Night (Microdeal), Street Rod 2 (California Dreams), Street Rod (California Dreams) and Alien Breed (Team 17).
Zilspleef - C64
Zilspleef is a new game for the Commodore C64. The game is developed by Mo Dernart / PlayOrbit and the music is from Richard Bayliss. In the game you must guide your bubble safely across the labyrinth.
Multi-game Character Editor - Amiga
With the Multi-game Character Editor you can edit character files, saved games and high score tables for more than 75 Amiga games. Changes in this version: Death Knights of Krynn, Faery Tale Adventure and Hillsfar.
The web page Amigos added new articles last month: Flood, Ghostbusters, Superman, Dreamkatcha, Worthy and Arcade Pool.
Re-Amiga 1200
John Hertell is working on reproducing the printed circuit board for the Amiga 1200. He used a scan of a real Amiga 1200 motherboard to create the files for making new motherboards.
Dutch Commodore User Group
The Dutch Commodore User Group had a meeting August 18th. This Commodore user group is a very active group with six meetings every year with around a hundred or more visitors at each meeting. You can look at the photos and see how the meeting was.
Minskies Furballs - Amiga
BigBox Gaming has started a Kickstarter campaign to make new games for the Amiga with a CDROM (CDTV & CD32). The first game will be a puzzle game Minskies Furballs.
Runner - VIC20
Runner is a new game for the Commodore VIC20. The game is developed by Rainer Kappler and can be played on an un-expanded VIC20. In the game you must reach the end of the road and avoid the obstacles.
The Guru Meditation - SceneWorld
In this episode of the Guru Meditation: An interview with Joerg Droege about the first Amiga issue of SceneWorld disk magazine.
Jan Beta - C64 VICII repair
Jan Beta has made a video about the repair of a Commodore C64. The fault of this C64 was that the video was not working.
Arok 2018
The results of the Arok 2018 competition are published. Demo: Promised Land, Graphics: Dragonbird and Wild: MicroMorph0s1s.