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Commodore Info Page:
On this page you can find my Commodore collection. A few examples are: KIM-1, CBM, PET, VIC-20, C64, C128, C16, C116, Plus/4, Amiga, PC, C64DTV, MAX machine, VIC-1001, C65, The gold C64, disk-drives, datassettes, monitors, printers, joysticks, cartridges, software, articles,manuals and much more.
Commodore News Page:
On this page you can find news items that are related to Commodore. Every week there are new news items. The items can also be viewed by category and there is a search function available.
Commodore Puzzle Page:
You can test yourself if you know everything about this legendary computer brand. Each month there is a new set of pictures. The pictures are taken from a Commodore item or an item that can be used with a Commodore. There is also a screen-shot from a game.
Commodore Link Page:
On this page you can find links to other web pages that are related to Commodore. The links are indexed by category.
Commodore Events Page:
On this page you can find events that are related to Commodore.
Baja Bug Page:
On this page you can see my Baja-bug.
On-line calculator:
This is a on line calculator. The calculator can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Also the square, root and modulo can be calculated. Input and output may be: binary, octal, decimal or hexadecimal.
Information about Diwaterstofmonoxide, h2o or water.
Personal Info Page:
If you want to know more of me then take a look at my personal page.
My blog page:
I wanted to tell some more so I started a blog like everyone else.
Go to this page to send me a message or question.
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