Reunion 2024
Date: 28 - June - 2024 until: 30 - June - 2024

City: Kvidinge
Country: Sweden

Reunion 2024 is demo-party for retro computers in Kvidinge, Sweden. The focus is on retro platforms and creativity. So bring your C64, Amiga or Atari and enjoy the creative atmosphere. You can be even more retro and bring your ABC80, Speccy or Dragon32.
AROK - 2024
Date: 28 - June - 2024 until: 30 - June - 2024

City: Ajka
Country: Hungary

Arok is an annual demo scene event for retro computer and video game console fans. This is the oldest gathering of this kind in Hungary, organized for the 25nd time now. It attracts over 150 enthusiasts to Ajka/Hungary from all around Europe.
Kickstart 02
Date: 29 - June - 2024 until: 30 - June - 2024

City: Nottingham
Country: United Kingdom

Kickstart is an exciting event bringing back a national Amiga event to the UK. It combines a user group event and a trade show, featuring exhibitors, traders, Amiga user groups and guest speakers.
Nordlicht 2024
Date: 04 - July - 2024 until: 07 - July - 2024

City: Bremen
Country: Germany

Nordlicht is a Demo Party in Bremen, Germany. The demo categories are: Oldschool Graphics, Newschool Graphics, Photo, Oldschool Demo, Newschool Demo, Gravedigger, Executable Music, Tracked Music, Streaming Music, ASCII / ANSI, Wild, Fun and AI Content.
C64 Symposium: Past, Present, and Future of a Home Computer
Date: 05 - July - 2024 until: 07 - July - 2024

City: Bonn
Country: Germany

The symposium Commodore 64 - Past, Present, and Future of a Home Computer aims to discuss some of these even less illuminated or almost forgotten historical discourses and objects.
Pågadata 2024
Date: 09 - August - 2024 until: 11 - August - 2024

City: Kvidinge
Country: Sweden

Pågadata is a demo party in Sweden. The compos are: C64 / Amiga demo, music, pixels and wild.
ZZAP! Live - 2024
Date: 17 - August - 2024

City: Kenilworth
Country: United Kingdom

ZZAP! Live is an event in collaboration with South West Amiga Group and the Retro Computer Museum. Over 60 Commodore systems to play games on. Every Commodore system will be represented from the Commodore PET up to the Amiga 4000.
Xenium 2024
Date: 29 - August - 2024 until: 01 - September - 2024

City: Łódź
Country: Poland

Xenium is a 8-bit Demo-Party in Łódź, Poland. The demo categories are: Demo, Intro, Freestyle GFX, Oldschool GFX, ASCII / ANSII / PETSCII GFX, Executable GFX, Streaming MSX, Tracked MSX, Synth MSX, Chip MSX, Anim and Wild.
ACQua Party 2024
Date: 30 - August - 2024 until: 01 - September - 2024

City: Vreden
Country: Germany

The ACQua Party 2024 is a Commodore C64 only party organized by Abyss Connection and Quantum. The competitions are: music, graphic, combined demo and basic one-liners.
Black Birdie 2024
Date: 13 - September - 2024 until: 15 - September - 2024

City: Uppsala
Country: Sweden

Black Birdie 2024 is a retro computer demo party in Sweden. The demo categories are: NewSchool demo, Oldskool demo, NewSchool intro, Oldskool intro, NewSchool graphics, Oldskool graphics, Streaming music, Tracked music, Jurassic and Show and Tell.
Belgian Amiga Club
Date: 21 - September - 2024

City: Antwerpen
Country: Belgium

The Belgian Amiga Club meeting is about bringing your own Amiga computer and have fun.
Syntax 2024
Date: 19 - October - 2024 until: 20 - October - 2024

City: Melbourne
Country: Australia

Syntax is a demo party for coders, musicians, graphic artists and tech creatives to watch and present works of art in digital form. Compertitions: pixeled graphics, animation and chip music.
ZOO 2024
Date: 01 - November - 2024 until: 03 - November - 2024

City: Orivesi
Country: Finland

ZOO 2024 is a Commodore C64 party in Orivesi, Finland.Compos: Demo, Music, Graphics, PETSCII, Basic Effect, Disk cover, Party Feature, Wild, Zoo Kids, Game Making and Gaming.
Transmission64 - 2024
Date: 23 - November - 2024

Location: online

Transmission64 is an online demoparty exclusive for the Commodore C64 computer. The competitions are: Demo, 4k, PETSCII, graphic, music, fader and basic oneliner.
Forever 2025
Date: 21 - March - 2025 until: 23 - March - 2025

City: Trnava
Country: Slovakia

Forever is a multi platform 8-bit computer party, with Atari, Commodore and Spectrum competitions.