The Commodore and Amiga collection from Richard Lagendijk. - (English, Deutsch, Nederlands)
Play the Commodore quiz or Commodore hangman. - (English, Deutsch, Nederlands)
Commodore and Amiga promotion material. - (English)
Commodore C64 news, interviews and articles. - (English)
Information about the Commodore CDTV. - (English)
Amiga operating system. - (English)
Web page of Bil Herd. - (English)


News items from the Commodore and Amiga community. - (English, Deutsch, Nederlands)
Amiga news items. - (Deutsch, English, Polski, Français)
Commodore C64 news. - (English)


Information about the projects of Jan Derogee. - (English)
Information about the Minimig van Dennis van Weeren. - (English)
Information about the 1541 Ultimate van Gideon Zweijtzer. - (English)
Commodore hardware development by Ruud Baltissen. - (English)
On this web page you can find information on the 20 MHz accelerator for the Commodore C64 / C128. - (English)
The digital replacement for the Commodore C2N Datassette. - (English)
Amiga hardware development. - (English)
Hardware replacement for SID chip. - (English)
Harddisk system for the Commodore C64. - (English)
Diagrams of cables and connectors. - (English)
Devices to replace a disk drive. - (Deutsch)
Devices to replace a disk drive. - (Italian, English)
KryoFlux is a USB-based floppy controller. - (English)
C-One, Turbo Chameleon, FPGA-64, Synthesizers. - (English)
Pictures of the inside of computer chips. - (English)
The development page of the Mega65. - (English)
The Turbo Chameleon 64 is a cartridge for the Commodore C64 computer. - (Deutsch, English)
Hardware projects for Commodore computers. - (English)


Amiga software FTP web page. - (English)
PC software that can be used for the Commodore 64. - (English)
Editor for D64 Dateien - (English)
Transfer of D64 files (PC<>1541). - (English)
CPM software for the Commodore 128. - (English)
Amiga operating system. - (English)
Universal floppy disk reader, writer, and tester for the PC . - (English)
Amiga operating system. - (English)
Commodore 64 drivers is a web page with many drivers, manuals and ROMs for the Commodore C64. - (English)
Information about the Commodore C128, C128D and the C128DCR. - (English)
Icaros Desktop is an improved version of AmigaOS 3.1 on the PC. - (English)
Games, software, firmware etc. for home and game computers. - (English)
A collection of programs for the Commodore computer. - (English)
A web page with programs for MorphOS. - (English)


8-Bit Computer collection. - (English)
Commodore hardware and information. - (Deutsch)
Commodore collection. - (English)
Commodore collection. - (Deutsch)
Modern PC inside a retro computer. - (Deutsch)
Commodore collection. - (English)
Spelcomputer Museum. - (Nederlands)
Commodore and Amiga computer collection. - (Deutsch)
Commodore and Amiga computer collection. - (English, Deutsch)
On the Commodore Retro Heaven web page you can find the collection of John Christian Lønningdal. - (English)
Commodore collection and .crt game images. - (Nederlands)


The YouTube-channel of GadgetUK164. - (English)
The YouTube-channel from Bil Herd. - (English)
The YouTube-channel from FairLight warez and demo group. - (English)
The YouTube-channel of Commodore History. - (English)

Blog / Podcast:

Retro computer podcast. - (English)
Web page for the Amiga computer. - (Englisch)
C64 magazine on diskette. - (English)
De podcasts van Rob O'Hara. - (English)
SID-music with Max Hall. - (English)


Commodore C64 games and programs. - (English)
Commodore C64 games. - (English)
Commodore C64 games solutions. - (English)
Unreleased or incomplete Commodore C64 games. - (English)
Web page with Boulderdash games. - (English)
The company of game developer Jeff Minter. - (English)
Video's of Amiga games. - (English)
Video's of Commodore C64 games. - (English, Deutsch)
Amiga games and info. - (English)
On the website you can find information about retro computer games. - (English)
Play Amiga diskette games from your hard-disk. - (English)
View the end of a Commodore C64 game. - (English)
Collection of SEUCK games for the C64 and the Amiga. - (English)
A web page for Commodore C64 games. - (Deutsch, English)
SEUCK games for the Commodore C64 computer. - (English)


Amiga demos, forum and news. - (English)
Commodore C64 demos. - (English)
Commodore C64 demos. - (English)
C64 cracking group introductions. - (English)
Search engine for Commodore C64 games, utilities, and programs - (English)
Commodore demo database. - (English)
Collection of crackers intros. - (English)
Watch cracker intros in your browser. - (English)


Information about the ACID 64 music-player van Wilfred Bos. - (English)
Commodore C64 radio station. - (English)
Collection of 40.000 SID tunes. - (English)
Commodore C64 remixes. - (English)
Commodore 64 music group. - (English)
Commodore Amiga music remixes. - (English)
Hardware device to use a SID music chip with an PC. - (English)
Collection of SID music (mp3). - (English)
Collection of Amiga music (mp3). - (English)
Classical orchestra that plays C64 music. - (Engels, Nederlands)
Reyn Ouwehand's personal web page. - (English)
Amiga music remixes. - (English)
The COMPUTE!'s Sidplayer was a music system, created for the Commodore 64. - (English)
Retro computer music. - (Deutsch / English)

Forum / Community:

Commodore C64 forum, games and info. - (English)
Amiga forum, games and info. - (English)
Commodore C64-DTV forum and info. - (English)
Amiga forum and info. - (Nederlands)
Discussion group about Commodore computers. - (English)
Amiga forum and info. - (English)
Amiga forum, news and info. - (English)
Commodore VIC-20 forum. - (English)
Commodore C64 forum, games and info. - (English)
Commodore Plus/4 forum, games and info. - (English)
Commodore C128 forum. - (English)
Commodore Plus/4 forum, games and info. - (English)
Commodore C64 forum. - (Deutsch)
Amiga forum and info. - (Deutsch)
Commodore C64 emulator. - (Deutsch)
Commodore C64 forum. - (Polska)
Mailinglist for technical questions about Commodore 8-bit. - (English)
A forum for the Commodore C64 computer. - (English)
Amiga Turk is a Turkish Amiga forum. - (Turkish)
The forum at is all about the Commodore C64 computer. - (English) is a German forum for the Amiga user. - (Deutsch, English)


8-Bit Commodore emulator. (PET/CB, IC20, PLus/4, C64, C128) - (English)
Commodore C64 emulator. - (English)
Commodore Plus/4 emulator. - (English)
Amiga emulator. - (English)
Amiga emulator. - (English)
Commodore Plus/4 emulator. - (English)
Amiga emulator. - (English)
Commodore C64 emulator. - (English)
Commodore C64 emulator for the Apple Mac. - (English)
Kernal64 is a C64 & C128 emulator. - (English)


Commodore documents. - (English)
The web page has many high quality scans available for the Commodore user. - (English)
Commodore magazines, manuals, books etc. - (English)


Collection of Commodore Zzap64! magazines. - (English)
Collection of Commodore User magazines. - (English)
Collection of Commodore Format magazines. - (English)
Collection of Commodore magazines. - (English)
German magazine about the Commodore 64. - (Deutsch)
English magazine about Commodore. - (English)
Magazine about the Commodore SID music chip. - (English)
Commodore C64 magazine. - (Deutsch)
Amiga magzine. - (English, Deutsch)
Amiga magzines. - (English)
Commodore C64 magazine. - (Deutsch)
Magazine about retro gaming computers. - (English)
FREEZE64 is a fanzine for Commodore 64 gamers and hackers. - (English)
Magazine for retro computers. - (Deutsch)


Commodore shop. - (English, Deutsch)
Commodore shop. - (English, Deutsch)
Commodore shop. - (English, Deutsch)
The web store from Jim Brain. - (English)
Web shop for C64 PCBs. - (Deutsch, English)
A web shop for 3D printed parts for retro computers. - (English)
Retro computer store (online) - (English)

User groups:

The Belgian Amiga Club. - (English)
Toronto PET Users Group - (English)
Commodore Users Group - Portland, Oregon - (English)
Retro computer club - (Nederlands, Deutsch, English)
Retro computer club - (Nederlands)
Online meeting for all Commodore users. - (English)
The VCGN is an association for users of Commodore computers in the Netherlands. - (Nederlands, English)


Web page about repairing Commodore devices. - (English)
Repairs of Amiga computers. - (English)

Wiki / Info:

8-Bit Computer collection. - (Deutsch)
Web page of the C-One. - (English)
Amiga games and info. - (English)
Commodore 6502 microprocessor information web page. - (English)
Information about rare Commodore devices. - (English)
Service manuals (and more) for Commodore. - (English)
FTP site for all kinds of Commodore files. - (English)
Technical information about Amiga hardware. - (English, Deutsch)
Information about turbo loaders. - (English)
Commodore music, demos, graphical art etc. - (English)
Commodore International wiki. - (English)
Commodore C64 game packaging. - (English)
All kinds of programs for the Commodore 64, but no games. - (English)
5,25'' disk-sleeves. - (English)
Archive of original C64 diskettes including the copy protection. - (English)
C64 DTV games. - (English)
Commodore DTV hacking is a web page for modifying the Commodore DTV. - (English)
C64 programming wiki. - (English)
ROM archive for 65 different computer systems. - (English)
History of the Amiga computer. - (English)
Web page for the Commodore 64 with more than 6000 games available. - (Italian)
Commodore C64 wiki. - (English, Deutsch)
Computers that have a roll in a tv-series or movie. - (English)
Stichting Computer Erfgoed Nederland (SCEN). - (Nederlands)
Technical information about Amiga and Commodore monitors. - (English)
Action Replay cartridge wiki. - (English)
Web page about the CBM-II computers from Commodore. - (Engels)
Registration of Amiga computers in the whole world. - (English)


Web page of the radio station Veronica 192. - (Nederlands)
A presentation of the build of a 1972 baja bug. - (English, Nederlands, Deutsch)
Richard & Teresa Crich, automatic transmissions - (English)
An online calculator with many features. - (Nederlands)
A calender made by humans. - (English)
Tertris online. - (English)
PC Operating systeem information. - (English)
Web page for wood working. - (English)
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